How it works

About RAI Gift Vouchers Online:

The voucher system is available to all RAI members offering restaurant-specific vouchers and access to RAI Gift Vouchers with over €50,000 unspent vouchers currently in circulation.

Participating restaurants will also be listed on the RAI Vouchers listing webpage to ensure customers can easily locate a restaurant to spend their vouchers.

The system is more than just online vouchers, It is a useful tool for businesses that can provide your business not just with additional income but also with drill-down data of consumer behaviour

  • 3 Click redemption: With the ability to redeem now available on the dashboard processing a voucher has never been easier or faster. 

Simply enter the code into the Redeem Voucher Toolbar and click search

Next click Redeem on the Voucher page

Once this is completed a box will pop up asking you to confirm this redemption, Simply click “Yes, redeem my voucher” and the process is complete!

For those unfamiliar with the system, click this link to sign up.